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– We are glad to help Baba

mars 14, 2013

– If there is a chance that Baba is freed from circus life, the European Elephant Group (EEG) will be glad to help her to a new life. – She is an Asian elephant and it can be more difficult to find a resting place. We work mostly with African elephants. But we will do our best, says Olaf slipper, vice chairman of the EEG, to «The World of Baba”.

Elefanten Baba/Cirkus Merano (Foto: Inge Sellevåg)

The European Elephant Group is working to help elephants from circuses and zoos to a new life in an approved resting place (sanctuary) for elephants. There are several sanctuaries worldwide, but none in Europe. The newly established Elephant Haven Foundation, however, works to establish a sanctuary in southern France. Leonie Vestering who initiated the foundation, observed Baba whle she some years ago appeared in the Netherlands. – Baba is seriously humiliated both inside and outside the ring. Her story is tragic, says Leonie Vestering to “The World of Baba”.

Foto: EEG

– We have seen the tragic outcomes when help comes too late, says Olaf Töffels of the European Elephant Group (EEG) and tells the story of the African female elephant Mausi (picture above). EEG fought for eight years to get the veterinary authorities to intervene. The situation of Mausi in 2008 was so critical that she could no longer perform in the ring. She suffered from severe arthritis and had a stiff leg. EEG was trying to get her transferred to a zoo for a better life there in her last years, but the authorities would not confiscate her.

EEG was assisted by Dr. Marion E. Garai, one of the world’s foremost experts on elephants in captivity. She delivered an expert assessment and confirmed that Mausi was seriously ill. She also showed socalled stereotyped behaviors that expresses frustration and helplessness. Garaï means that that Baba shows a high degree of similar behavior. Mausi died before she got help and EEG let blamed the government. The authorities relied on an expert who thought that Mausi was better off in the circus.

As there was no way it, the circus tried to get Mausi placed in a zoo in Belgium. She was dead in the transport wagon when it arrived after an at least 120 hours long journey. She died on 17 January 2012.
– I cannot comment on the health condition of Baba, but the videos published by “The World of Baba” reports that she in any case evidently shows stereotypic behavior. It’s absolutely worth keeping the story of Mausi in mind and I assume that Norwegian veterinarian authorities control Baba’s health when she visits the country, says Töffels. Marion E. Garaï who has reviewed the videos of Baba filmed by “The World of Baba”, says she will not be surprised if Baba has arthiris.

Read the story about Mausi.

Text: Inge Sellevåg

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